Yearning to Be Filled

Yearning to be filled, filled up to capacity to the full measure of God’s own fullness — possible? to be filled like the ocean, deep, with its waters reaching always heavenward, splashing to the shore — possible? to be filled like the skies, air and clouds all rising higher and the glory of the sunlightContinue reading “Yearning to Be Filled”

Sustenance in the Cold Dry Wind

The delicate clusters of golden rain, their petals showering dry ground, wine for the wasps and giant bees, sustenance for ants, and for my soul – the sun rising through haze with joy, highlighting intricate branch formations soaking the blossoms and mango babes, life source for nature, and for this day – doves silhouetted againstContinue reading “Sustenance in the Cold Dry Wind”

Life on the Dark Side

He threw off glory (brilliant, whole), took on a body (vulnerable, decaying); lived on a dirt floor instead of the universe; walked the planet, but only in one minute spot when he had known Inside and Beyond. He felt the separateness of being human (one individual in the uncaring crowd), lived in the pressure potContinue reading “Life on the Dark Side”

Advent: A Long Obedience

When waiting is by candlelight, indoors and warm, the flame untouched by screaming wind and freezing rain outside, it is delightful! My heart is called to yearn, lovingly, ribboned and gilded with signs of the season, for my Lord to come. Advent. Her waiting was by moonlight, unless the search for shelter was accomplished inContinue reading “Advent: A Long Obedience”

Picture Her Emerging!

Picture her emerging wrung-out soul new-bodied whole entering Light breathing Air strong delicious free strong sustaining oxygen-hunger left behind with shrinking bones and all the long weakness long waiting She lifts hands high (no more trembling) laughing voice full of strength and song tripling joy song rippling She’s running meeting loved ones painted indelibly inContinue reading “Picture Her Emerging!”

When Fear is Feathers in the Wind

fear is feathers in the wind unsure where to land and at the mercy of whiffs and puffs maybes and maybe-nots could-bes scared to fall scared to fly scared to uncover the real world yet unknown too many feathers cloud my sight and make it hard to breathe Breath of Spirit, blow your clarity intoContinue reading “When Fear is Feathers in the Wind”

Ahhhh . . . Africa!

salt waves pummeling your beaches high winds whipping up the sand rainstorms thundering on tin roofs sunbeams bouncing off flat land bulbuls signaling the sunrise lean dogs howling to the moon bat calls beeping in the darkness cattle moaning at high noon hand plows scooping out a corn field pestles pounding grain to flour axesContinue reading “Ahhhh . . . Africa!”

Abba’s Scribe

I am but a scribe, my fingers the feather in your hand, my eyes dependent on the light that you shine on truth and error. I am just your servant, my body the vehicle you sent here, my health the strength you provide to do my service for you and your Kingdom. But I amContinue reading “Abba’s Scribe”