Yearning to Be Filled

Yearning to be filled, filled up to capacity to the full measure of God’s own fullness — possible? to be filled like the ocean, deep, with its waters reaching always heavenward, splashing to the shore — possible? to be filled like the skies, air and clouds all rising higher and the glory of the sunlightContinue reading “Yearning to Be Filled”

When a Handhold Makes All the Difference

You hold my hand, you love me: King of this whole world, you lead me, making my right hand your chosen tool so that each act becomes a holy service in your master plan. You hold my hand, you love me: Lover of my soul, you treasure me and nurture every gifting given and makeContinue reading “When a Handhold Makes All the Difference”

The Pursuit of Peace

Chase after peace when your world is in chaos! Dodge rubber bullets and sharp cutting words, and raise your arms to the Prince of Peace, begging him for the sweet release of all who are captive to arrogant whims and violent solutions that are just pollution of all of our hopes! Be one of thoseContinue reading “The Pursuit of Peace”