In Your Palm

cupped in your palm covered by your right hand (safety ‘round my soul) you hold me close caress my tears away and still your hand is busy flinging star showers weaving the winds keeping danger at bay (it’s skulking all around) I’m terrorized, Lord, but I know you’re watching I curl into the curve insideContinue reading “In Your Palm”

Because You Hold My Hand

You hold my hand; you love me: King of this whole world, you lead me, making my right hand your chosen tool so that each act becomes a holy service in your master plan. You hold my hand; you love me: Lover of my soul, you treasure me and nurture every gifting given and makeContinue reading “Because You Hold My Hand”

Abba’s Scribe

I am but a scribe, my fingers the feather in your hand, my eyes dependent on the light that you shine on truth and error. I am just your servant, my body the vehicle you sent here, my health the strength you provide to do my service for you and your Kingdom. But I amContinue reading “Abba’s Scribe”

Hand in Hand with God

When the Creator was planning things out, way back when, before, before, he carefully thought about Dad’s hands. He knew that he would make them strong, with long deft fingers, able to hold onto God’s own hand while staying busy doing the work he would give him to do. He watched him grow up inContinue reading “Hand in Hand with God”