The Peacemaker Challenge

When you’re insulted respond with compassion, listening first, speaking with insight into the roots of that person’s distress. Not that it’s easy. Not that it’s normal. Take self off-center, then humbly reach out to crush the hard walls that maintain division. Be like your Savior, the great Prince of Peace: who purchased our peace byContinue reading “The Peacemaker Challenge”

That Day He Took Control

Frustrated with my habit of sliding two steps off the path, and always hiding the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I was not faithfully following you, I finally let tears come and wash away doubt: I knew on my own I could not figure out what walking with you was really about.Continue reading “That Day He Took Control”

War, and the Place of Protection

Living inside Your love I move within a world protected not that I am never wounded but that you keep me safe from ultimate harm from all malignant and pernicious evil inside the loving kindness of your heart I’m held where goodness is my atmosphere, your tenderness the song that plays incessantly and heals me,Continue reading “War, and the Place of Protection”