Longing for Quiet

The words come crashing in like chattering kids. They’re only in my head but they are deafening. I cannot stem the tide. A billion babblings jostle for position. One sinks, one bubbles up. He says, “Be silent,” and I long for quiet to listen for his voice, to know that he is God. I’m desperateContinue reading “Longing for Quiet”

Loving Listening

Your lovingkindness wraps me up, welcoming me with arms open wide to hold me, grace pouring over me; no, I don’t deserve this. You listen to me, lovingly letting me pour out to you my worries and concerns. I’m comforted, secure. We meet there in the middle, a precious place of peace and joy, oneContinue reading “Loving Listening”

Making Every Effort

Your Word grips me: If I really know you, Jesus – my Lord, Rescuer, Messiah— then I may actually participate in who you are, “the divine nature”! To be like you and a member of your healthy Body, doing my part, is what I really want. So I will try hard, make every effort! ButContinue reading “Making Every Effort”