His Plan, or My Plan?

(September 2002) The ironies: who goes, who stays; the golds and grays that laminate our days— I give them now to you: you know the purpose in your ways. I see you gathering tears into a jar, squeezed out of losses and the griefs that are our daily bread as we compute the damage, nearContinue reading “His Plan, or My Plan?”

God’s Kingdom, Come!

God, who fills the universe, who made it all, the stars and space, did choose to put mankind on earth and focus on this tiny place. The perfect world he made for us was broken by our parents’ sin, and nothing we try is enough to heal it, make it whole again. Our God, whoseContinue reading “God’s Kingdom, Come!”

Lessons from the Golden Rain Tree

This is a barren stretch, this rocky dry savanna: land deprived of rain for half a year, parched now and waiting, waiting for the skies to fill with roiling water and at last to crack apart, thunderous, and spill down blessing. A golden fountain, meanwhile, dribbles petals, lemon yellow, in soft carpet all around. LeavesContinue reading “Lessons from the Golden Rain Tree”

All I Have is Yours

This month you told me, “Hold on lightly to possessions; all you have is mine.” Then you brought forward chances to let go: my sweater to the shivering boy, my shirt to the cadavre (swollen past the size of her own clothes), my mat to the child who had no bed, my socks to helpContinue reading “All I Have is Yours”

Slippery Sand

The traps are there silent smooth slippery sand lurking in my stomping grounds waiting for that moment when (tired, stressed, stumbling) I forget to watch so I slide down that slope into disaster I let life take over busy pushing hard to meet my goals eyes distracted by the rocks obstacles I could climb overContinue reading “Slippery Sand”

He Split the Confines of Their Box

His kindness overwhelmed them from the start: the way he chose his students, hearts that yearned for meaning beyond fishing nets or taxes; welcoming the seventy, both genders, to his company— the way he broke the rules that kept the stranger snubbed and minimized, and crushed the prejudice that said a woman should not learn,Continue reading “He Split the Confines of Their Box”

Yearning to Be Filled

Yearning to be filled, filled up to capacity to the full measure of God’s own fullness — possible? to be filled like the ocean, deep, with its waters reaching always heavenward, splashing to the shore — possible? to be filled like the skies, air and clouds all rising higher and the glory of the sunlightContinue reading “Yearning to Be Filled”

Living Together with Christ

more and more at home he is entering with glad assurance no longer knocking and wondering if I will see him as interruption intrusion guest who puts me on my toes my best behavior politeness with an edge of tension whisking litter out of sight swabbing the sink shutting a bedroom door mess out ofContinue reading “Living Together with Christ”