Practicing His Presence

Written over twenty years ago, this poem was a commitment I was making to learn to really “practice the presence” of God. Whether a day was filled with routines or with unexpected delights or sorrow, walking in constant awareness of him is life-changing. It is ongoing, the deep desire of my heart, yet so oftenContinue reading “Practicing His Presence”

My Cup Overflows!

My cup overflows with amazing grace, precious gifts poured out by your hands into my life: my husband, life partner; the gift of words and service to you, beyond anything I imagined; my offspring and all the years of watching growth; community here and over there, treasured brothers and sisters; the beauty of this worldContinue reading “My Cup Overflows!”

In Spirit and in Truth

We worship in a cloud, unfocused though we strain to see and feel — yet worship what we know within unknowing, all senses clamoring for the Real: — the One who touches hearts with joy, whose fingers heal the blinded eyes, deaf ears; who feels our hurts because he hurt as human-Godson, heart and soul.Continue reading “In Spirit and in Truth”

Never Alone

I thought I was alone, figuring out how to navigate this world. Sometimes I walked in burning sun, seeking shade or longing for sunset. Or blasting winds would throw debris over the path, hiding the way forward. Forks in the road scared me. Right? Left? But then I sensed eyes on me, a presence byContinue reading “Never Alone”