Life on the Dark Side

He threw off glory (brilliant, whole), took on a body (vulnerable, decaying); lived on a dirt floor instead of the universe; walked the planet, but only in one minute spot when he had known Inside and Beyond. He felt the separateness of being human (one individual in the uncaring crowd), lived in the pressure potContinue reading “Life on the Dark Side”

In Your Palm

cupped in your palm covered by your right hand (safety ‘round my soul) you hold me close caress my tears away and still your hand is busy flinging star showers weaving the winds keeping danger at bay (it’s skulking all around) I’m terrorized, Lord, but I know you’re watching I curl into the curve insideContinue reading “In Your Palm”

When Garbage is Blown About

If I were still across the ocean, north in the woodland savannah where Ferkessédougou, Côte d’Ivoire, is situated, there would be cool wind when I walked outdoors in the morning. Right now the harmattan blows daily south from the northern lands, where it scooped up dust as it crossed the nighttime Sahara then miles ofContinue reading “When Garbage is Blown About”