Longing for Quiet

The words come crashing in like chattering kids. They’re only in my head but they are deafening. I cannot stem the tide. A billion babblings jostle for position. One sinks, one bubbles up. He says, “Be silent,” and I long for quiet to listen for his voice, to know that he is God. I’m desperateContinue reading “Longing for Quiet”

Abba’s Scribe

I am but a scribe, my fingers the feather in your hand, my eyes dependent on the light that you shine on truth and error. I am just your servant, my body the vehicle you sent here, my health the strength you provide to do my service for you and your Kingdom. But I amContinue reading “Abba’s Scribe”

The Best Love Ever

hesed: goodness, kindness, lovingkindness, loyal love, unending love . . . Your hesed is so deep and wide our words cannot contain it! We cast about for a way to expound love that never runs out, love that overflows with kindness, love that is deeply attached to its own, loyal but active, constantly reproving andContinue reading “The Best Love Ever”