Ahhhh . . . Africa!

salt waves pummeling your beaches
high winds whipping up the sand
rainstorms thundering on tin roofs
sunbeams bouncing off flat land

bulbuls signaling the sunrise
lean dogs howling to the moon
bat calls beeping in the darkness
cattle moaning at high noon

hand plows scooping out a corn field
pestles pounding grain to flour
axes felling scrub and forests 
hammers forging metal power

djembes tamping out the downbeat
thrumming balaphones at night
bare feet thumping round the circle
dancers clapping in delight

may your rivers know their Maker
may your mountains leap with glee
may your palm fronds wave in greeting
may your people finally see
that the love of the Creator
that the strong song of his Son
made the music they are singing
formed the land they dance upon

breathed the whirlwinds and the breezes
gave them pineapples to grow
welcomed death to give them freedom
sent his Word so they can know

that the One who holds the ocean
in the cupping of his hand
wants to make them his own children
wants to recreate their land

so that all the crops are healthy
so that war’s explosions cease
so that every single rhythm
births a canticle of peace

Ahhhh . . . Africa!

In just five days we will board a jet plane and take off for that beloved continent where the Lord sent us to serve on mission for so many years. The excitement is building. We will smell the aromas of the markets, of wet earth, of fruit we’ve been missing. We will hear the drums again (“djembes” in the poem) and the balaphones, get to move in community with worshipers. We will see friends that have become true Family to us.

And best of all, we will have the privilege of joining these brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters, in the celebration of the Nyarafolo Scriptures that they are now receiving in printed form: the New Testament, Pentateuch and Psalms!  That is actually two-thirds of the Bible, significant portions that can be right in their own hands, food for their souls as they digest the Word of God in the language that speaks to their hearts!

Those decades of digging into the meaning of the Word and working with Nyarafolos to express it in their language have come to this precious moment, a conclusion. But the work is not finished – may many more people become able to read their language, especially those who never got to go to school, who cannot read in any other language either.

That brings me back to the words of this poem that came through my pen nine years ago, a peon of gratitude for the beauties of the land and prayer for the Word to be known by its people. May it be so!/Amen!/Amiina!/ Ki- taa ki puu bɛ̀ ! (That last version of “Amen” is Nyarafolo.)

Thank you for joining us on the journey – I will share highlights! That is, I will blog or post photos on Facebook when I actually have an Internet connection. But eventually we will connect!

Published by Linnea Boese

After spending most of my life in Africa, as the child of missionaries then in missions with my husband, I am now retired and free to use my time to write! I am working on publishing poetry and on writing an autobiography. There have been many adventures, challenges and wonderful blessings along the way -- lots to share!

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