Just Cling!

Just cling, cells interlocked, bark intact, and let the sap flow slowly but surely through winter frost, tingling gently, keeping you alive, vibrantly pouring when summer sun saturates the world with heat, a constant feeding in the sleep of night. Rest, but cling. Just cling, small one, drinking from my veins, and you will turnContinue reading “Just Cling!”

That Moment of Connection

That robin hopped onto the deck, carefully checking out the territory. He looked at me through the window; I looked back, silent, immobile. We connected for one moment, then he was gone. But that instant of connection made this forest personal, alive. When have I linked eyes with a stranger, affirming their existence, making ourContinue reading “That Moment of Connection”

The Alert Wait

The birds and I flit about in this gray dawn inspecting windfall treasures, breathing the dense perfume of damp earth and spectacular blossoms. The trees wait in silence for whatever happens next and now so do I. This day is one that God has made; he has a plan, and I will stay alert toContinue reading “The Alert Wait”

Grateful, Listening

Under the wet grass crickets crick-crick; perched high near the sky winged things sing melody. If I don’t pay attention I miss the concert. A rooster crows, reminding me to listen. A coucal adds her commentary, counterpoint in alto. Are You speaking, too, and I’m just unaware? The world is drenched with Your kind blessing.Continue reading “Grateful, Listening”