About Asking and Receiving

Like your disciples on that day between your murder and your return to life I wait, longing to see what you have promised. You said that, if I would just believe even a little tiny bit I could make a mountain move, I would receive from your loving hand what I am begging for. SoContinue reading “About Asking and Receiving”

The Forest Dance

White bark peeling but holding on, the birches spike high into the sky, into the blue, craving sunlight. The pines do too, brown bark firm, graciously extending multiple arms fringed with green lace to hug their neighbors. The birches’ golding leaves whisper gratitude as wind incites community dance. Breath of heaven, may we respond thisContinue reading “The Forest Dance”

Just Cling!

Just cling, cells interlocked, bark intact, and let the sap flow slowly but surely through winter frost, tingling gently, keeping you alive, vibrantly pouring when summer sun saturates the world with heat, a constant feeding in the sleep of night. Rest, but cling. Just cling, small one, drinking from my veins, and you will turnContinue reading “Just Cling!”

Let’s Join the Dance!

Check out this celebration dance video, the “poyoyo”: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/521089973 Neighbors, how can we leap across this sad divide? Too many barriers have been meticulously constructed to keep us separate – if not by us in every instance, at least by history: the cutting words that sliced our pride the thrust of our rejoinders that wentContinue reading “Let’s Join the Dance!”