Lessons from the Golden Rain Tree

This is a barren stretch, this rocky dry savanna: land deprived of rain for half a year, parched now and waiting, waiting for the skies to fill with roiling water and at last to crack apart, thunderous, and spill down blessing. A golden fountain, meanwhile, dribbles petals, lemon yellow, in soft carpet all around. LeavesContinue reading “Lessons from the Golden Rain Tree”

Just Cling!

Just cling, cells interlocked, bark intact, and let the sap flow slowly but surely through winter frost, tingling gently, keeping you alive, vibrantly pouring when summer sun saturates the world with heat, a constant feeding in the sleep of night. Rest, but cling. Just cling, small one, drinking from my veins, and you will turnContinue reading “Just Cling!”