What? Be Perfect?

No one is like you, the Holy One, perfect in all that you do, perfect in who you are. You are love. You are good. You are all-powerful, majestic in awesome glory, you, the Sovereign King of Everything. And you call yourself my Father! You healed me, rescued me, brought me into your Family. Abba,Continue reading “What? Be Perfect?”

The Totally Unexpected Response

I’m cringing at this growing dump of insults, hurled in public spaces or in texts or face-to-face. Grudges fondled and fermented could ignite a searing blaze. Our natural response is fear and hatred of this “enemy” whose words and push-back feed distress, a tangled mess that could lead to catastrophe. But, Yahweh, You have toldContinue reading “The Totally Unexpected Response”

All I Have is Yours

This month you told me, “Hold on lightly to possessions; all you have is mine.” Then you brought forward chances to let go: my sweater to the shivering boy, my shirt to the cadavre (swollen past the size of her own clothes), my mat to the child who had no bed, my socks to helpContinue reading “All I Have is Yours”

Turn the Other Cheek?

“Turn the other cheek,” I heard you say. So, not striking them in return, I did, Quietly hoping the slaps would end. But I’ve been slapped again twice, instead. The red on my cheeks does fade away. The hurt that remains is deep inside; my heart feels bruised, misunderstood. Is this all I should do?Continue reading “Turn the Other Cheek?”

Truth Takes Courage

Truth takes courage when you Realize that speaking it will Undo the pretty picture you are Trying to paint of yourself, Hoping not to take the blame. Deception is a trap but seems Easier, the best way to Cover up that mistake that Everyone makes, of course. So Promise that it was not you ThatContinue reading “Truth Takes Courage”

Slippery Sand

The traps are there silent smooth slippery sand lurking in my stomping grounds waiting for that moment when (tired, stressed, stumbling) I forget to watch so I slide down that slope into disaster I let life take over busy pushing hard to meet my goals eyes distracted by the rocks obstacles I could climb overContinue reading “Slippery Sand”

Like the Air that I Breathe

So much sharpness in the world today: bare tree branches that pierce the sky like forked lightning, zebu horns poking the air like staples, headless palms erect as straight pins. Hawk wings slice the atmosphere, machetes crack through vines, bike spokes whirr. Even the blades of grass have a cutting edge. If air were solidContinue reading “Like the Air that I Breathe”

He Split the Confines of Their Box

His kindness overwhelmed them from the start: the way he chose his students, hearts that yearned for meaning beyond fishing nets or taxes; welcoming the seventy, both genders, to his company— the way he broke the rules that kept the stranger snubbed and minimized, and crushed the prejudice that said a woman should not learn,Continue reading “He Split the Confines of Their Box”