The Peacemaker Challenge

When you’re insulted respond with compassion, listening first, speaking with insight into the roots of that person’s distress. Not that it’s easy. Not that it’s normal. Take self off-center, then humbly reach out to crush the hard walls that maintain division. Be like your Savior, the great Prince of Peace: who purchased our peace byContinue reading “The Peacemaker Challenge”

Crystal Clean

Sweeping and dusting will never be enough. Redecorating schemes are all disasters: mock renewals, clever coverups. I need an undivided heart: no padlocked chambers set aside for resident anger, no halls of hard-core selfishness, no darkened corners for illicit pleasures. Instead, give me one room, wide and filled with light, walls scrubbed crystal clean, whollyContinue reading “Crystal Clean”

What He Wants!

every weakness self-pity selfishness laziness procrastination opportunities lost hurts inflicted back-stabbing shaming ungracious picky hateful oozing wounds misunderstood betrayed minimized maligned ignored soul suffering lonely depressed battered deceived undressed all fell on him the crushing weight of meanness corruption pain despair thank you seems so small to say so minimal against the mass of griefContinue reading “What He Wants!”

Yearning to Be Filled

Yearning to be filled, filled up to capacity to the full measure of God’s own fullness — possible? to be filled like the ocean, deep, with its waters reaching always heavenward, splashing to the shore — possible? to be filled like the skies, air and clouds all rising higher and the glory of the sunlightContinue reading “Yearning to Be Filled”

Imperfect Me

Heart stripped bare, imperfections revealed, shown up for who I am: incomplete, lacking essential knowledge of certain skills — this is who I am. Once again the flares of burns still hurting, of my yielding to the scam the Enemy wields, hacking the dream footage of doing your will— they shake up who I am.Continue reading “Imperfect Me”


A groan, the wrenching sound of a heart torn out, shredded… arms lifted skyward in the still of night, begging… tears pumped profusely from the soul, sodden… The future disintegrates. My crumpled dreams are thrown away. I’m a discarded quarry, scraped until I’m bare. Where are you??? Hush child! Be still. Know that I amContinue reading “Mourning”

That Day He Took Control

Frustrated with my habit of sliding two steps off the path, and always hiding the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I was not faithfully following you, I finally let tears come and wash away doubt: I knew on my own I could not figure out what walking with you was really about.Continue reading “That Day He Took Control”

Living Together with Christ

more and more at home he is entering with glad assurance no longer knocking and wondering if I will see him as interruption intrusion guest who puts me on my toes my best behavior politeness with an edge of tension whisking litter out of sight swabbing the sink shutting a bedroom door mess out ofContinue reading “Living Together with Christ”

Longing for Quiet

The words come crashing in like chattering kids. They’re only in my head but they are deafening. I cannot stem the tide. A billion babblings jostle for position. One sinks, one bubbles up. He says, “Be silent,” and I long for quiet to listen for his voice, to know that he is God. I’m desperateContinue reading “Longing for Quiet”