The Best Reward Ever

Her goal is invisible on this long race, but she keeps on running because she knows it is actually there, just requiring effort and long perseverance to finally touch it. But she knows Dad is cheering her on, providing water and encouragement as she keeps on running. She knows that others will get to theContinue reading “The Best Reward Ever”

Truth Takes Courage

Truth takes courage when you Realize that speaking it will Undo the pretty picture you are Trying to paint of yourself, Hoping not to take the blame. Deception is a trap but seems Easier, the best way to Cover up that mistake that Everyone makes, of course. So Promise that it was not you ThatContinue reading “Truth Takes Courage”

Imperfect Me

Heart stripped bare, imperfections revealed, shown up for who I am: incomplete, lacking essential knowledge of certain skills — this is who I am. Once again the flares of burns still hurting, of my yielding to the scam the Enemy wields, hacking the dream footage of doing your will— they shake up who I am.Continue reading “Imperfect Me”

That Day He Took Control

Frustrated with my habit of sliding two steps off the path, and always hiding the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I was not faithfully following you, I finally let tears come and wash away doubt: I knew on my own I could not figure out what walking with you was really about.Continue reading “That Day He Took Control”